Derek Callan . Professional English

ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

ESP or English for Specific Purposes covers similar areas to Business English but is more focussed on specific industries or business fields. The following are just some examples of ESP:

  • English for Accounting
  • English for Banking & Finance
  • English for Tourism (Hotels, Service Industry and Tourist Attractions)
  • English for Legal Purposes
  • English for Technical Purposes
  • English for Human Resources

Since the beginning of my career, I have created a great deal of my own materials and I continue to work together with my clients to create engaging and above all relevant learning materials specific to the given industry. I have a wealth of experience in English for Specific Purposes and have taught English for all of the above as well as:

Aeroplane mechanics, Energy Trading, Lighting Connection Technology, Cochlear Implant Technology, Renewable Energy, Industrial Chemistry, IT Professionals, Business Process Management, Estate Agents and many more.

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