Derek Callan . Professional English

My approach

As a professional in today’s fast-moving and competitive business world, you may wish to improve your English language skills but simply do not have the time to waste learning language for situations that you may never experience.

Perhaps you wish to focus on expanding your business vocabulary, or increasing your grammar awareness, or even improving your pronunciation to become more easily understood when dealing with international clients or colleagues?


As each client is different, my approach begins with a detailed analysis of your language training requirements and goals which enables me to design a targeted and effective Professional English training solution for your business.

This personalised method allows me to quickly focus on and address your immediate needs by using a mix of performance-based, communicative and flexible teaching approaches to help you improve your English skills in the areas which are most important and relevant to your business goals.

My approach to Professional English training:



  • Takes your individual learning style into consideration
  • Provides regular feedback on your progress
  • Creates customised learning materials relevant to your business goals
  • Continuously reviews your specific language needs in order to prepare for upcoming business tasks
  • Uses up-to-date and engaging learning materials from renowned publishers
  • Employs the right mix of technology to assist language learning