Derek Callan . Professional English


“Dear Derek, I can highly recommend your one-to-one lessons. The tailor-made and needs-oriented content is something that I particularly appreciate. It is extremely important that I have sufficient knowledge of the language to be able to engage in small-talk, and to take part in negotiations at an international level. These are exactly the skills which I gain through your teaching methods. It’s also great that there is some time in our lessons for fun and discussing personal interests. Many thanks once again and keep it up.”



"Dear Derek,

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your commitment and patience. English lessons with you are like a “short holiday in Ireland”. The training units are perfectly tailored to my needs and I enjoy using what I have learned in everyday life. The manner in which the content is taught combined with discussions about job-specific and everyday things has helped me lose the “fear” of the language. Learning English with you is fun and I would be happy to recommend your services. Thank you!"



“Dear Derek, “Yes, I can!” – as a result of your training, I am now in the position to communicate both confidently and spontaneously in English. Thank you!"


"Dear Derek, we have completed the first 50 units and I’m looking forward to continuing our cooperation with the next 50. Why? I have learned a great deal! Before we started, I avoided all contact with English. Today, I really enjoy using the language. In a nutshell, the methods you use are very effective! I highly recommend your training. All the best,"


“Dear Derek,

I would like to thank for your personal effort as well as your commitment! I learned a lot in your lessons and was very impressed by your individual lesson planning! You were very well-prepared for each lesson, tailored the content to suit my needs, and you placed great importance on speaking and fluency skills. There was also no shortage of fun – which made learning enjoyable! Keep it up!

All the best!”


“As a result of your varied course design, the lessons were very enjoyable and the time flew by. There was a good mix of input from you, different exercises, and plenty of opportunities to practice speaking freely. The free speaking activities were especially helpful and very effective for the group. You made us aware of errors but also made sure that it didn’t affect our fluency. We also really liked the fact that you supported our learning through emails and various homework exercises; this meant that we had the chance to consolidate what we learned in the lessons and stay focused on the various topics. As a result, we were able to learn a lot in a relatively short time.


Thank you and all the best,”


“The collaboration with Derek is focused on the individual needs of the client and follows well-defined goals with the help of a variety of methods. This approach is practiced consistently and designed so that the cooperation is very successful and enjoyable at the same time.

Personally, I view Derek as being highly professional and extremely creative. He is always very well prepared and punctual. He is also very spontaneous, as he is able to draw from a large portfolio of teaching materials and methods. He does not hesitate to point out different kinds of errors in a very charming way. And the fact that Derek is a native Irishman with a friendly and open character is “the icing on the cake!”

Derek, I would like to thank you personally for the cooperation – we should definitely continue! Rarely have I taken so much from a language course.

Many thanks! Mario”


“You can never be good enough / you never stop learning.
 Following this motto, I have been taking 1-1 lessons with Derek for 6 years. When we started, I was a total beginner with a very limited vocabulary. Today I can speak fluent English and can confidently take part in and lead meetings and negotiations. Derek’s teaching methods have helped me to reach this level in a very short time, and we continue to work together and improve my English skills in specialized areas.”


“I highly recommend 1-1 English lessons with Derek.


He speaks very clear and understandable English. I was able to learn a great deal in a short space of time and he helped me improve in my areas of weakness. He always provided current newspaper articles and learning materials to read, discuss and analyse. The content of each lesson was well chosen and very well prepared – it wasn’t just about going through the course book and that was very important for me.


Outside of our lessons together he put a lot of thought into how he could support my learning behaviour and style.


This type of learning was new to me; it was very interesting, helpful and a lot of fun.


Thank you Derek”


“Hi Derek,


I’m writing to say a big thank you for the English lessons.


Your empathy and understanding, as well as your professionalism were not only very pleasant, but extremely helpful.


Learning and repeating English grammar, discussing current newspaper articles as well as technical articles about my industry, and creating mind maps together was not only fun, but also led very quickly to the expected learning objective. The way you taught the subject matter, together with ongoing repetitions and the content itself, was well prepared, varied and conveyed in a “refreshingly different” way.


Once again, I would like to say a big thank you – I’m glad to recommend your services.”


Michael Stuefer
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